It gives us great pleasure to have so many people from all parts of the world involved in our mission of spreading love.

The Ash's Page

Rainbow Medicine Circle

Steven & Renata Ash are therapists, international teachers and gifted healers who specialise in personal development, energy psychology and shamanism. living in the United Kingdom.

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Deborah's Page 

Dreamvisions 7 Radio

Deborah Beauvais, certified Reconnective Practitioner is the owner of Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network as well as Empowered Connections both created out of love with a vision to help people across the universe.  She lives in Boston, MA.

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Francine's Page

Rainbow Music

Francine Jarry is a multi-faceted artist and instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger living in Montreal, QC, now blending her spiritual resources with her vast musical experience and background.

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Lynn's Page

Love in Nature

Lynn Kerr is a Montrealer with a love for nature and a wonderful ability to paint it.  Her favorite items to paint include birds, flowers and companion animals.

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Carma's Page

Words of Love and Inspiration

Carma Jewell is a writer & painter living in Aukland, NZ, with an incredilbe talent for writing about and painting matters of the heart.

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Sarita's Page

Once again...Love

Sarita Mathur is an artist and poet who was brought up in India and now lives in Durban, SA.  She loves people and nature  and has taught Energy Healing and Emotional Intelligence for ten years.

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Martin's Page

Project Heaven on Earth

Martin Rutte is a dynamic, international speaker and consultant on spirituality in the workplace living in Santa Fe, NM. He is committed to reconnecting business with its natural source of creativity, innovation and genius.

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Harold's Page

The Love Foundation 

President and Founder, Harold W. Becker, is an internationally known and experienced speaker, author of several books, and creator and host of his own televised PBS special.  For over 20 years, he has been sharing his insights to groups of all sizes and types covering a variety of topics. 

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