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"I Am the Presence Walking in the Radiance of Love"

Deborah Beauvais, certified Reconnective Practitioner/The Reconnection is the owner of Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network as well as Empowered Connections both created out of love with a vision to help people across the universe. Experiencing the radio bug back in 2004 Deborah started her radio career as a Talk Radio Host. When someone suggested she should start her own Radio Network, it resonated so completely that she jumped in and solely created a plan in the summer of 2007. That summer Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network was born. Her initial group of eclectic hosts was in the holistic genre and though the Network has grown tremendously since those early days, DV7N remains Holistic with Talk Radio during the week and Divine Music on the weekends. DV7N’s vision is to raise humankind’s awareness to live with a higher consciousness, caring for all people and the Planet creating a universal vibration of enlightenment.

Deborah Beauvais

Founder/Owner, Dreamvisions 7 Radio 


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