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About Martin

Martin Rutte is a dynamic, international speaker and consultant on spirituality in the workplace. He is committed to reconnecting business with its natural source of creativity, innovation and genius.

As President of Livelihood, a management consulting firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he explores the deeper meaning of work and its contribution to society. The company's areas of service include: strategic vision, corporate spirit, performance management, and creative leadership.

Martin has worked with such organizations as The World Bank, Quad/Graphics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Southern California Edison, Virgin Records, Labatt Breweries, and London Life Insurance in expanding their outlook and positioning themselves for the future.

He was the first Canadian to address the Corporate Leadership & Ethics Forum of the Harvard Business School, and returned for four years as keynote speaker. He has also twice addressed joint meetings of the American and Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Martin's pioneering work on spirituality in the workplace was featured on the ABC-TV special, "Creativity: Touching the Divine," in which he was interviewed and shown addressing The World Bank. He was also a keynote speaker at all five International Conferences on Spirituality in Business, in Mexico.

Articles on his innovative work have appeared in: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Toronto Star, South China Morning Post & Personnel Journal. He is also co-author of the New York Times business bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.

Martin is a member of the Board of Advisors of Pole to Pole 2000. He has served as a board member of Money Concepts Canada, Global Family, The Hunger Project Canada, and as a committee member of The Canadian Cancer Society. 

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Heaven on Earth Verse 

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Project Heaven On Earth Vow 

by Martin Rutte

• We the people of the earth say with authority that we are committed to having the world work.

• We the people of the earth commit to creating a sustainable global peace.

• We the people of the earth commit to ensuring our entire family is fed, is literate and has access to opportunities for self-reliance.

• We the people of the earth commit to supporting and nurturing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of all.

• We the people of the earth commit to making our planetary home safe and healthy and empowering and enlivening for everyone.

• We the people of the earth commit to being responsible and accountable to each other and for each other.

• We the people of the earth commit to honouring and valuing our planet's living biosphere and all of life.

• We the people of the earth with the Grace of God are committed to having heaven on earth.


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