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An artist and poet who loves people and nature, Sarita Mathur was born and brought up in India. Currently residing in Durban, she has a background in English Honours and has taught Energy Healing and Emotional Intelligence for ten years. She conducted workshops based on the theme The Caterpillar has become a butterfly. She has lived in Lagos, Nigeria and was a member of a Book Club which was based on African and Caribbean Literature. She was a semi-finalist in the SABC2’s Lentswe Poetry Project and has written 33 poems on Love, Life and Relationships. She is married and has two sons, Arjun and Kartik. 


 Sarita Mathur

Poet, Artist and Motivational Speaker

Once Again...Love 

A collection of thoughts & poems by Sarita Mathur.



Phenomenal Woman

Splashes of colour, I can see,

These are the colors of my personality.

Bright and cheerful, good taste too,

Multi tasking career woman and mother,

There is nothing I can't do.

Yes, a women is phenomenal

In all she is and can do,

From childbearing and rearing,

From being hardworking to caring

A woman can be creative,

The world is there to see,

A woman is phenomenal,

I am sure you all agree,

So this is to woman,

Young and old.

Your spirit is special,

The  value more than platinum or gold.

A woman is phenomenal,

That is true,

So phenomenal woman,

This is for you. 

Silver and Golden Spoon

Silver spoon in the mouth.

Mine was golden.Yes, I must confess

I was born with both silver and gold.

What did they mean to me.

Of the latter, I was not told.

The gold it stood for riches -Treasures beyond compare

Love, Joy and happiness

In gold, all was there.

Silver for material possessions

Abundance in the material world we live in.

Silver for money and riches.

Through hurry and flurry

Life in a spin.

Gold and silver spoon I had

When I came to earth

Material, emotional and spiritual

Fun, laughter and mirth.

Both silver and gold are special to me

Abundance, within and around.

I am happy to be on earth,

Where prosperity abounds. 

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