With every act of love, heaven moves closer to earth.  

Being more love...a personal journey

Our mission is to help every person in pursuing a life which moves them closer to spiritual 'perfection' - living in love in every moment - as Jesus did.  

Love is the ultimate truth.  It is what we should aspire to be in every moment.  When we can treat every instance and situation giving back only love, we are as close to God as we can be.

Call it what you want, but, each person has a 'ministry' ...the collective of all the people he/she comes into contact with and affects by his/her actions. We need not go looking for purpose.  It comes to us in every moment through the normal course of our days. Our challenge is to be fully present in every instance, and to be love in every situation. This means engaging with everyone whose paths we come across and taking every opportunity to help in whatever form that takes (a smile, a kind word, a prayer, $$$, physical assistance, emotional support...).  In this way, we will leave every person better for having come across us on that day. 

‘Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.’  Scott Adams 

We are all the same

Growing in love means accepting all the differences and knowing in our heart of hearts that fundamentally we are all the same.  The tag line for NuVo is; 'Find the greatness within.'  This greatness within is the place from where you can love unconditionally.  It is your core.  Your essence.

As more and more people from all around the world join this project, we will progressively move closer to the Eden which John Lennon spoke about in IMAGINE.  Love heals the world...

Think globally, act locally.

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